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Weyra Automotive Solutions GmbH +49 (0) 2821 - 899 93 0 We are a wholesale and production company which is mainly active in the field of spare parts for passenger cars and commercial vehicles. Weyra Automotive Solutions GmbH

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Our customers include niche producers, series manufacturers and industrial trading companies as well as small-scale dealers and repair workshops. Our customers come from the sectors for passenger cars, trucks, fork-lift trucks and construction, mining and agricultural machines as well as military vehicles and light aircraft construction.


Original Equipment Manufacturing and Aftermarket

Reproductions and new developments, assemblages and exclusive merchandise allow us to cover the following product categories (customer requests) in OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturing) and AFM (Aftermarket).

Air conditioning and heating systems (sub-parts and spare parts)

Air conditioning compressors, condensers, driers, air conditioning oils, ventilators, fans, heat exchangers …

Engine thermal management

Water valves, water and oil coolers, charge air coolers, thermostats, filters, expansion tanks …

Fuel supply

Injection pipes, fuel lines, throttle nozzles, sealing rings, expansion vessels …

Hoses and pipelines

Refrigerant, brake oil, injection oil and transmission oil coolers, hydraulic and fuel lines, cooling water and compensation pipes, moulded hoses …

Exhaust components

Tailpipe trims …

Cables / Bowden cables

Heating cables, Bowden cables for manual and automatic transmissions, locking cables, hood release cables …

Injection-moulded parts in general

Blower cabinets, cover plates, ventilation flaps, decorative grilles and strips, sealing frames …

Electrical components

Resistors, transistor controllers, actuators, cable harnesses, window washer pumps …

Metal components

Connections, turned and milled parts, holders, push rods, clamps …

Rubber and insulation systems

Transmission mounts, flexible discs, rubber grommets, sealing frames …

Since 2008

Sanden distributor

Weyra Automotive Solutions GmbH has been an official Sanden distributor since 2008. Sanden is a market-leading supplier in the field of air conditioning compressors for the automotive industry and a supplier for large OEMs all over the world.

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    Weyra Automotive GmbH

    Weyra Automotive Solutions GmbH ist ein Großhandels- und Produk­tionsunternehmen, welches primär für Unternehmen in den Bereichen KFZ / NFZ Ersatzteile tätig ist.

    Weyra Automotive GmbH

    Weyra Automotive Solutions GmbH is a wholesale and production company, which primarily works for companies in the areas of car / commercial vehicle spare parts.

    Weyra Systems GmbH

    Weyra Systems GmbH bietet Ihnen innovative Lösungen für Ihr Zuhause. Von Solar Carports über Wintergärten, Terrassenüberdachungen und Glas-Faltwände. Nutzen Sie unser geschultes Personal und profitieren Sie von unserer Beratung.

    Weyra Systems GmbH

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